Yellow Class Learning Topics Until the End of Term

Yellow Class are having fun each morning with their regular activities. Different table work is set up depending on the learning aims of each pupil.

Some of the children are exploring with mark making. The aim is for them to make the connection between using the prints to create a colourful design.

Other class members are matching up pictures with symbols. We are using nursery rhymes and stories that the children are familiar with.

Our main English topic for the rest of the autumn term is to look at ideas of personal space. The key message is to keep our hands to ourself. Our classroom has a display to showcase this work.

Science learning is helping the pupils to understand sound. Yellow Class are learning to identify if a sound is natural or artificial. The children are also thinking about using their own voices at a level that is respectful to others.

Finally our current maths topic is shapes, space and measurements. The pupils are measuring the distance between objects and people.

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