Busy Spring Term ahead in Blue Class

Blue Class are learning about transport in the local area. We will be heading out into the community to see some of the different types of transport used.

Our main reading book for the start of term is Peace at Last. The pupils are using the story to increase their vocabulary and communication skills. Key words are focussed on during table learning time.

Role play is also used to help with this learning. The Blue Class children are using props that feature in the book to help reinforce the story. An example is holding a teddy bear, and then putting the bear to bed.

Our maths learning in Blue Class involves looking at different types of measurements. The pupils are using terms such as big, short and long. They are sorting items by using size and using these definitions.

We are also using the Picture Exchange Communication system to help with communication. The children are working well to request the food they would like during our snack time sessions.

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