Red Class Read Swimmy as Spring Term Class Book

Red Class have started to read the fantastic book Swimmy. This tells the story about a fish that looks different to the other fish. He finds it hard to fit in. The story has a strong theme of diversity.

The pupils are acting out the story with each class member taking on a character role. Costumes and props are available for the children to wear. This role play helps to reinforce the central message in the book that we can achieve more if we all work together.

Helping one another is also on show as part of the Lego therapy sessions in Red Class. This is a way of working where a team of pupils each has a set role to achieve a shared aim. They need to communicate and follow instructions to be successful.

One example is a group of children asking one another to find the correct coloured markers to help complete a frog puzzle. This work is also related to our science topic of classifying animals.

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