Spring Term Food and Nutrition Topic in Yellow Class

Our first spring term topic in Yellow Class is food and nutrition. The pupils are working on food based learning across the curriculum.

This has taken on a practical approach with our weekly food tech sessions. Yellow Class have already made tasty vegetable wraps. Our next food tech task is to bake some cookies.

English learning is Yellow Class is based around the book When Larry Made Lasagna. The pupils are reading the poem and carrying out table activities using the characters and ideas in the story.

Data handling is the main maths topic for the start of the spring term. The children are looking at recognising simple patterns.

Our humanities topic for this term is to look at different types of houses. The pupils are learning to recognise the different types of houses where people live. This work is also looking at what we can find inside and outside our houses.

Finally our science learning in Yellow Class involves investigating sound. The class members will record their own voices. We will then experiment by turning the volume up and down, as well as pausing and playing our recordings.

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