National Autistic Society Advanced Status for Turney!

We are very pleased to announce that Turney School has been awarded Autism Accreditation Advanced Status by the National Autistic Society.

This is the highest level of accreditation awarded by the NAS with less than 20 other schools and services across the globe having achieved ‘Advanced’ Status! A ceremony to receive this award from the NAS is being arranged and we will publish the details shortly.

In its letter the NAS said:

“The committee found compelling evidence from the assessment report that the school provides high quality personalised educational and therapeutic support showing a clear understanding of good practice approaches in the field of autism.”

The NAS assessment report highlighted many particular strengths including:

“The outstanding commitment from all staff, at all levels, has ensured consistently high quality education and exceptional care for autistic pupils across the school.”

“Adults know their young people very well through thorough and detailed multi professional assessments, observations, discussion, reflection and ongoing sharing of good practice. This personalised approach means that even the most hard to reach youngsters are thriving and experiencing success in their lives.”

“Working in collaboration with occupational therapy, the school has an outstanding sensory provision. Exceptional practice is embedded throughout the school with pupils routinely having access to sensory experiences, objects, equipment and activities, linked to the zones of regulation.”

“Outstanding Post 16 community opportunities enhance pupils’ life skills and give them access to work experience, such as local volunteer projects with members of the public.”

“Pupils’ emotional well-being is paramount at Turney. Great care is used to undertake a detailed analysis of any concerning behaviour and additional personalised support is put in place as necessary. Pupils’ behaviour throughout the assessment was exemplary.”

To read a copy of the full report please follow the link over here.

You can read the letter confirming our National Autistic Society Advanced status over here.

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