Swimmy Storytelling in Turney School Red Class

Storytelling time in Red Class is one of the highlights in the Turney School week! These sessions are always interactive and involve all the class members taking part.

We are currently reading the story of Swimmy. This has a powerful message about accepting everyone – even if they don’t look the same as us.

The Red Class teaching staff have produced some amazing resources for the Swimmy story. Each class member takes on a role for one of the characters in the book. Props and costumes are used to help bring the story to life.

One of the roles is that of the narrator. A recent session saw some very confident reading from one of the Red Class members. Each sentence read by the narrator is repeated by the other children.

After the first run through of the story we were treated to a second performance – this time with puppets! A small theatre box is used. The narrator reads through the story whilst other friends use some puppets to act out the story. Our sessions finish with some written table work based around the book.

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