Online Learning Resources for Students

Turney School will be updating the home learning work we have prepared for each year group whilst the school is closed.

We are also publishing a list of useful learning links for students. The websites below will help you with different areas of the curriculum. The activities cover all learning levels.

One of the best things you can do is to read a book! Ten minutes of shared reading time with a family member each day will help to continue with your learning. It would be great if you could keep a reading diary as well.

You could write about:

Who are the main characters?

What happens in the story?

Which parts of the story did you like or not enjoy?

Would you recommend the book to a friend?

Class teachers are happy to review any work at a suitable time.

News and General Interest

This link from thinkuknow is also useful for parents and carers to help keep their children safe online at home.

BBC Newsround

The Day

First News Live


Nursery Rhymes and Songs

IXL personalised learning

Children’s University – Science, History, Languages and Art & Design

Reading and Literacy

You can download and listen to stories via audible

Free classic books for children

The Reading Realm


Padlet round up of resources

Literacy Trust


Purple Mash


Word and Number Games



The Word Search

The Maths Factor is now offering a free service. The lessons match the National Curriculum.


Kids Typing

Typing Club

z type

Keyboard practice

More keyboard practice

Jigsaw Planet

Where’s Wally

BBC Bitesize

Music creation games

(please download and install google chrome first)

Chrome music lab

Touch pianist

Sound matrix

Tonecraft game

Type a tone