Green Class Improve Throwing Skills in PE Lessons

PE lessons in Green Class have helped the pupils with their throwing technique. We are working towards Race Week which will take place during the final few days of the summer term.

This friendly competition will also include running and jumping skills. We are spending our final few PE sessions perfecting our throwing techniques.

We started a recent lesson with a brief warmup to a new dance song. The Green Class children enjoyed signing the actions for YMCA.

Three different workstations were set up around the school gym. Some of the high level students were able to help out the staff with their resources.

The focus was on underarm, overarm and using two arms to throw a ball. We used tennis balls, beanbags and a large soft ball.

A key part of this activity was to follow the instructions. Class teacher Nicholas explained how we can improve our technique for each different action. The session came to an end with some circle time as we focused on stretching and breathing.

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