Year 13 Yoga, Gardening and Helping at Grove Playground

The Year 13 students are enjoying their weekly yoga sessions. This is a great activity for both improving our physical posture, as well as listening to instructions.

Each class member has their own yoga mat. We follow a short video story with plenty of yoga instructions.

A recent session was themed around the sea and various sea creatures. We used our bodies to create the different shapes to describe life within the ocean.

The students always feel calm and relaxed after our yoga workout. We end the session by winding down and listening to some peaceful music.

Elsewhere in Year 13 and our regular weekly activities include our trips to Herne Hill Velodrome, helping out around the school by washing the minibus, and also enjoying food tech sessions. All these activities are structured to improve our independent skills.

We also look forward to our weekly trip to the Roots and Shoots College in Kennington. This helps the students with their gardening skills as well as feeling confident in the local community.

Finally Year 13 have shown great maturity helping out at the nearby Grove Adventure Playground. We carry out various work experience activities to help keep the playground running.

Yes 13 have been sweeping up leaves, as well as painting some of the adventure facilities. Some great teamwork has been on show.

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