Year 9 Prepare for Turney School Race Week

The Year 9 students are enjoying different games and puzzles to help them relax ahead of their learning. Some of the higher level students have played bingo in pairs. This helps to improve their number skills.

Other students have completed jigsaws. We have also used sensory activities such as a sand tray and pop-up books to help develop the learning aims of each individual student.

Our main PE focus is to prepare the students ahead of the big Race Week that is taking place during the last week of term. Running, jumping and throwing skills are all needed to succeed.

We started a recent session by focusing on building up our running pace. The class members all stood on their own colour-coded mat. They were asked to walk down to the other end of the gym and stand on the corresponding mat at the opposite end.

The pace was gradually built up. We added in activities such as swinging our arms in different directions. Sidesteps were added to the activity. Some of the higher level students were able to lead with the instructions.

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