Yellow Class Reading with The Rescue Party

Yellow Class are continuing to enjoy reading our shared class book, The Rescue Party. We have helped to make this story come alive with different interactive activities.

We have many resources and props that help the children to recognise the characters. The class members are asked to listen to the instructions as they pass the puppets amongst their friends.

The teaching staff have plenty of questions to ask throughout the story. This helps the class members to stay focused and to be able to follow the plot.

One of the main resources for this activity is a picnic basket. Each class member is given the task to find a particular item inside the picnic basket.

Table activities then follow. Pupils are set different tasks to help them reach their own personal learning target. Some of the class members are identifying pictures of the characters and posting them in a box.

The higher level learners are using the Picture Exchange Communication cards to create a sentence. An example is ‘I see the rope.’ We have then written the sentence on our whiteboard.

Finally Yellow Class have created some artwork themed around the story. Each class member has made their own representation of the characters. We have chosen the correct colour of tissue paper to match the characters.

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