Purple Class Settle into Autumn Term Routine

The new children in Purple Class have settled well into their daily routine. We always start each morning with some snack time. This is an opportunity to help the children with their communication skills.

Staff members help each class member with their Picture Exchange Communication cards. The children are encouraged to make a choice about which snack they would like. Some of the pupils are already working on improving their verbal communication skills.

Our timetable then has a morning singing session. The children are asked to listen to the instructions. The class members sit on the carpet and we share some Good Morning songs together. Plenty of signs are also added in.

The final part of our early morning routine in Purple Class is story time. We are currently reading the book From Head to Toe.

This is a very interactive session. Props and puppets feature showing some of the animals in the story. Purple Class have also enjoyed playing with some of the animals in the sensory sand and water trays.

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