Fresh Wraps for Year 16+ Students in Food Tech Lesson

The food tech skills for some of the Year 16+ students has seen them design and create some tasty wraps.

Each student was asked to choose the ingredients they wanted to work with. They used the Picture Exchange Communication system, as well as their own verbal skills to make these requests.

Some of the skills we needed to create our wraps involved grating and cutting. Maths skills were also used. The students were asked how many items of each ingredient they needed.

We also introduced the 16+ students to some new ingredients. They were asked to sample olives and humous, and then describe the taste.

Each class member was asked to consider what would be a decent balance in the wrap. We didn’t want to have too many vegetables, or too much meat.

There was a focus on working independently. The students looked after their own workstation, and then took the responsibility to clean up after they had prepared food.

The final task was to lightly toast the wraps in a sandwich grill. We enjoyed these together with some shared social time with our friends.

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