Summer Term Art Projects for the Year 11 Students

The Year 11 students have created many different art projects throughout the summer term. These are related to our general topic of having a summer outdoor picnic.

We have used art to create some of the food we might need for the picnic. Each class member has created a cardboard doughnut. We thought about which colours would be suitable to paint and decorate these with.

Another successful activity in Year 11 has involved the students creating some large cakes made out of cardboard boxes. We worked in small groups to help make these. Each cake was then decorated with bright colours.

The Year 11 students have also been introduced to marbling. This involves using marble paper and vegetable oil. When some coloured dye is added to the vegetable oil, it then creates a random pattern on the marble paper.

We are also using the technique of bleeding. This involves tissue paper and water. The colour is then transferred onto our work.

Finally the art studio has been decorated by the students with some extremely colourful stained glass windows. They used tissue paper stuck to adhesive. The stained glass windows around around the art studio have led to some stunning lighting effects.

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