Lost and Found & Banana Bread in Purple Class!

Purple Class are fascinated by the Lost and Found story. This is all about a boy who finds a penguin. We have an interactive storytelling session each morning.

The story helps the children to understand the different types of weather we experience. Our story time includes plenty of opportunities for the Purple Class children to touch and feel the sensory props.

Some wonderful art displays based around the book have been created. The class members have decorated penguins and snowflakes.

Table work in Purple Class is also themed around Lost and Found. One activity has seen the class members matching toy penguins with the correct number.

Fine motor skills have been tested by using tweezers to feed cotton wool representing snow to each penguin. We are also writing the first letter of some of the characters in the book using glitter.

Elsewhere in Purple Class and each class member has helped to make some tasty banana bread. We followed the instructions using the Picture Exchange Communication system.

The children were asked to make sure they were using the correct amount of each ingredient. Some of the class members were also able to use their verbal communication skills to describe what they were doing.

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