Weather and The Wind Blew in Turney School Silver Class

The Silver Class children are continuing to read the book The Wind Blew. We are using the story to help the children focus on what it feels like when the weather is windy.

Our approach to learning is very creative. The children are encouraged to think about how they can know when it’s windy.

Activities have involved making some paper fans. We found that when we move these closer to our face we could feel a small blast of air

We have also been running and dancing with some fabrics outside. We held a small kite and tried to run with it.

Other work in Silver Class has seen the children looking at rainbows. We are learning to identify the different colours we can see in a rainbow.

Finally we have prepared many sensory activities to help with our learning based around The Wind Blew. Resources have been prepared that link with the different items in the story. Examples include different fabrics for the children to stimulate their sensory needs.

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