Blue Class Counting Fun with Ten Green Bottles

The Blue Class children are singing Ten Green Bottles to help with their counting skills. We have different table activities that help with this learning.

Some of the children are posting the correct number inside a posting box. We listen to the Ten Green Bottles song. We then find the corresponding number on the bottle, and post it in the box in the correct sequence.

Another activity involves helping all pupils with their fine motor skills. They are asked to arrange the ten bottles in the correct order, and then use a thread to hang them together.

Number formation is also being improved based around this song. The children are overlaying numbers from one to ten.

Sensory learning for Ten Green Bottles has seen Blue Class children playing with bottles that are full of rice and oats. This helps to stimulate their sensory needs. We also have plenty of fun each morning singing the Ten Green Green bottles song together.

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