Busy Summer Term in Turney School Purple Class

Train Ride is our summer term reading book in Purple Class. We are learning about the sounds that trains might make, as well as their appearance.

Different type of activities are used to help with this learning. One of them involves the Purple Class children playing with a sensory tray. They are asked to find a train of a particular colour that is in the tray.

We are also using trains to help with our counting. The children are counting from 1 to 3 using some toy trains as a counting resource.

Another learning activity based around the Train Ride book is helping the Purple Class children with their recognition skills. The aim here is to understand how not all trains might look the same. We have also added in some animals such as cows. We have seen that cows can also appear differently.

Our home corner in Purple Class is set up as a tea party. The children are learning how to make porridge using oats and water.

Finally the art area in Purple Class has continued with the train and cow theme. The children are using stencils to create some designs.

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