Green Class Summer Term Park Topic

Percy the Park Keeper is our current class reading book in Green Class. We are carrying out many activities that are themed around this book. One of our first tasks was to make a picnic basket.

The children are enjoying regular trips to the nearby Brockwell Park. This helps us to make the connection between the story and our local community.

Our numeracy learning in Green Class involves Five Speckled Hens and Five Little Ducks. These are helping the children with counting skills. Our World Around Me topic is what we can find in the park. The children are thinking about some of the clothes that we wear when we go on a trip to the park.

Finally our PE learning has seen the children head outdoors to make the most of the summer weather. We are playing many fun games outside.

A popular activity in Green Class is bowls. We are using our observation skills to judge which ball is closest to the white ball, and is therefore the winner. Another activity involves some of the pupils throwing a soft ball so that it lands in a large hoop.

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