Year 10 Improve Cricket Batting and Bowling Skills

Cricket is the summer term PE topic in Year 10. We start each lesson with a warmup. This helps the students to prepare their bodies and also focus on following instructions.

Some of the warmup activities involve moving around the gym at different paces. We are varying these between fast, slow, sideways and skipping.

Year 10 are improving their cricket skills using different batting and bowling workstations.

The batting activity involves hitting three tennis balls into a goal net. The students were given help showing how we hold the cricket bat. We have followed the instructions of keeping it straight and then moving it up and down.

Bowling skills have been put into use by trying to knock over some large skittles. The students are encouraged to experiment between underarm and overarm bowling.

All class members are responsible for tidying up the equipment at the end of the lesson.

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