Year 7 Prepare Summer Smoothie in Food Tech

The Year 7 pupils are learning to take responsibility for looking after some of the resources around Turney School. Our food tech lessons usually start with the class members taking it in turns to water the plants growing in the greenhouse.

Then it is time for our practical learning. A recent Year 7 food tech session saw the pupils prepare a tasty summer smoothie.

The first task was to wash our hands and put on our aprons. The high level learners were set the task of writing out the ingredient list. All students are expected to find their own equipment.

It was then time to chop up the ingredients. We had fun chopping up strawberries, bananas and kiwi fruit. The pupils were asked to think about what was the ideal size would be for our smoothie.

The final task was to use the blender with some adult support. Each class member was able to prepare a very refreshing and relaxing summer fruit smoothie.

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