Year 9 Improve Football Skills in PE Lessons

The Year 9 students are focusing on improving their football skills as part of their PE learning. We usually start with a warmup activity. This involves moving around the school gym in different styles. We have looked at the difference between walking, jogging, side to side movements, and even slow motion running.

Some of the students take responsibility for organising the routine of the lesson. Their task is to take down one of the instruction cards each time a particular task has been completed.

Our football learning is currently looking at ball control. The Year 9 students have been shown how to use the stop position. We place our foot on top of the ball to gain control of it.

We have extended this activity by rolling the ball back and forth. We have also changed feet so that we feel comfortable either side.

The final activity involved passing a ball against the wall, and then trapping it using the control position. We repeated this for ten movements and tried to improve our control each time.

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