Class 1G Literacy

Class 1G

Class 1G have been exploring some of the themes found in Jessie’s Flower, our current class reading book. The pupils started this work by learning how to sign the title.

We then looked at some of the ideas in the book. We have seen how this is a very visual story with plenty of colour contained across the pages. We looked at how the start of the story shows an early morning scene. The sun then rises and we can see bright colours.

Class 1G have been looking at this weather theme to help identify and understand some key words. We have looked at the sun and the wind and how they both feel very different when we experience them. The pupils have used Communication in Print choosing cards to help construct a sentence: I can see the sun, etc.

We then introduced some resources to help demonstrate the sun and wind. A piece of cloth was blown around by a fan. We also blew some bubbles and then had fun blowing these around. We were blessed with the perfect weather for this learning – a bright and breezy Turney day! Class 1G finished their literacy lesson by taking a short walk outside so that we could experience both the sun and the wind.

Class 1G