Blue Class Shapes and Christmas Art


Blue Class at Turney School has just started to read a very festive book. The children have been introduced to the wonderful Snowman story by Raymond Briggs. As well as learning about the friendship between the young boy and the Snowman, the Blue Class children have also been singing along to the famous Walking in the Air song.


Our maths learning is Blue Class has continued with the subject of shape exploration. The main aim here is for the pupils to be able to identify all of the regular shapes. Various new resources have been bought for this activity. Shaped cup cakes, and a dolls house that contains different shapes have both been very popular with the Blue Class children.


Finally it is worth mentioning the beautiful Christmas decorations that the Blue Class children have been making as part of their art learning. Delicate snow flakes have been created using some small pieces of light wood. These were then painted by the children, with glitter then adding the final decorative touch.