Class 10 Science

Class 10

Class 10 have been examining different metals as part of our science learning for the summer term. This is in preparation for the GCSE Entry Level work that the students will be starting when they return as Class 11 pupils in September.

We have been looking at what is meant by the scientific word of un-reactive. Class 10 have seen how this is used to describe a metal that is not altered by air, oxygen or water. Gold, silver and platinum are all un-reactive – this is why they are a good metal to use in jewelry.

Each student has completed a science worksheet matching up different types of metal with different uses. An example might be aluminum, which is strong, light and doesn’t rust. This is the perfect metal to use for the handlebars on a bicycle. Bridges are often made of iron because this is a strong metal.

We finished off our recent session by re-capping some of the knowledge that we will later need for our GCSE work. We asked Class 10 about copper, aluminum, lead, iron, gold, silver and platinum. Each pupil was able to describe the properties of these metals.

Class 10