Executive Headteacher’s Welcome


Welcome to Turney School. I am pleased to say that Turney school is Part of the Lansdowne Turney Federation. The Federation consists of two SEND schools in Lambeth. We see both schools as communities for children and young people with Autistic Spectrum Condition and/or language delay/disorder, and associated learning difficulties. Turney School is specifically for children and young people aged from 5-19 years of age with Autistic Spectrum Condition and associated learning difficulties

Developing the whole child and young person is important across the Federation. Our ethos is to provide a secure, caring and supportive environment in which there is an expectation of pupil achievement and raised attainment.

This is reflected in all we do and throughout our website. Both schools apply an holistic approach to learning, and work closely with the speech therapists, the occupational therapist and the educational psychologist, the school doctor and nurse, as well as outside agencies to enable all children and young people with special educational needs to access the curriculum.

All the young people attending Turney have full access to the National Curriculum, the personal, social, health and citizenship curriculum, as well as a life skills programme. In Turney’s Post 16 programme the young people follow a life skills, independent living and supported employment pathway which enables them to leave Turney as happy and independent young people, ready to enter Further Education.

Both schools in the Federation work closely to ensure the best possible outcomes for the children and young people through shared staff knowledge and training. In line with our shared ethos the children and young people work across both schools. They have shared PSHCE and work experience programmes, as well as the opportunity for young people to move placements across the Federation in KS3 and KS5.


Linda Adams M.Ed, PGCSE (Autism) – Executive Headteacher