Partnerships with Parents and other Organisations

The Speech and Language Therapist works collaboratively with school staff to support the pupil’s speech, language and communication needs. Parents may make an appointment to speak to the Speech and Language Therapist in school.

If you are interested in attending training delivered by Guys and St Thomas’ Community Health Speech and Language Therapy Service, you can download the current schedule of courses in the brochure over here. This is a PDF file.

The Occupational Therapist works closely with Turney staff to enable the pupils to be as physically, psychologically and socially independent as possible.

The Educational psychologist works with staff and other professionals to help children and young people achieve their full potential and experiences of learning. 

Partnership with Parents

Working in partnership with parents is very important at Turney school. The home school agreement is important so that procedures and policies are adhered to ensure that together we continue to provide a secure, caring and supportive environment in which there is an expectation of pupil achievement and raised attainment. Please ensure you have returned your agreement to the school.

At Turney School, the senior leadership team provide an open door policy to the staff, pupils and parents/carers. Any parent or carer can telephone the school at any time with any concerns or worries they may have and a member of the senior leadership team will get back to you as soon as possible. Alternatively parents can drop us an email at office at turney dot org dot uk.

Partnership with Organisations

We are always looking for links with other organisations in the community to support our young people with work related learning (work experience), particularly in Years 10 and 11.

Last year we successfully worked with Children’s nurseries, L’Arche, Lulu’s Café, Rosendale Allotments, Roots and Shoots and Lambeth College.

If you have any links with suitable organisations that may consider taking our pupils with complex needs for work placements, please contact the school.