Class 9EG Food Tech Video

Class 9EG have made a successful start to their first food tech sessions for the new term at Turney School. The teaching staff have encouraged some of the higher ability pupils to work from a written recipe sheet for the first time, rather than use the Picture Exchange Communication system.

The teaching staff are keen for the students to understand that the sequence of instructions need to be completed in the correct order, plus also to have an awareness of the time that we have to prepare our food. Once one instruction has been completed, the students are expected to keep on working through their tasks.

This appeared to work well during a recent food tech session where Class 9EG baked some tasty nachos. There were many detailed stages required to reach the end dish. The students had to work through the food preparation, making sure that all of their ingredients were at the right stage in the baking process for whenever they were needed.

Some careful chopping skills were needed, as well as an element of artistic flair for the food presentation. The final outcome was a tasty dish of salsa nachos for each class member to then share at home.

You can follow this process being prepared in the short video above.