New Singing and Signing Assembly Song


All secondary school pupils have started work on learning a new song as part of our weekly Singing and Singing assembly at Turney School. After a brief stretch and shake warm up, Miss H explained that the assembly will be learning Three Little Birds to add to our growing Turney School songbook.


The students were asked who performed the original version. We had no shortage of answers explaining that Bob Marley wrote and sung Three Little Birds. The pupils then listened to the original version so that they were familiar with the structure and the arrangement.

Staff member Debbie then demonstrated the signs that we all need to learn to be able to perform the song. A healthy number of volunteers stepped forward when Miss H asked for any friends to help to lead the singing and signing from the front of the assembly.

The first performance of Three Little Birds had plenty of promise and we continue to hopefully improve over the coming weeks.

The Singing and Signing assembly then saw a couple of Turney School favourites being performed with Somewhere Over the Rainbow and Let It Go both being sung enthusiastically.

The assembly came to a close with the secondary students singing happy birthday to the pupils and staff that are celebrating their special day over the coming week.