Class 10M Geography Learning


Class 10M are continuing to show tremendous maturity with the new teaching arrangement that sees the students visit the curriculum specific classrooms at Turney School. The teaching staff have given the students the responsibility to follow the school timetable, and to understand where they need to be at any given time during the school day.


A recent humanities session started with a relaxation period with various resources. This helps the Class 10M pupils to be in a suitable frame of mind ahead of the learning tasks ahead. Some of the resources reflected the sea topic that was to be the main learning area for the humanities lesson.


The learning intention for the lesson was to identify different animals that live in the sea. This learning started off with a selection of different pictures appearing on the class whiteboard. Some of these included sea based creatures such as a jellyfish; others were of everyday items like an iPod for example.

Each class member was called to the front of the class. They were asked to identify which of the pictures is of an animal that we can expect to find living in the sea. Vocabulary such as same or different were encouraged. The students were also asked to sign out relevant words such as sea or water.

Various table activities were then set up to help with this geography learning. The pupils were asked to match pictures of the sea creatures, as well as a cutting out and sorting exercise.