Class 11JE ICT Video

The Class 11JE students at Turney School have been working on improving their access to the ICT curriculum. The dedicated Turney ICT suite includes some high spec desktops that have a touch screen facility. We have also been helping the students to login to their profiles by offering a choice of two letters when typing in their usernames.

The main focus for our current learning is to be able to use the press and drag system for moving items around the screen. This is a system that is far more accessible than using the mouse for navigation. It also helps the class members to understand the cause and effect that an action can have when using the school computers. We want the students to feel that they are in control of the computers.

Some of the work that has been completed by the students includes a number of digital jigsaws. Different levels are provided, depending on the learning aims for each class member. The teaching staff have found that once the press and drag technique has been mastered, the students have the knowledge to be able to complete the puzzles.