Class 2S PE Multi-Skills Video

Class 2S have been working on various multi-skills as part of the PE learning at Turney School. This involves some of the techniques that we need in order to progress later to playing a full on competitive sport.

The timely topic of cricket has recently been the main focus for the Class 2S students. A large focus for our learning has been on ball handling skills. The warm-up exercise involved a tennis ball being rolled down the school gym. Each class member had to chase down the ball, and then touch the stumps with it. The ball was then carefully thrown back to a team mate to carry out the same task.

Mr.Jones then introduced a cricket bat into the exercise. Being able to run at speed whilst holding the bat is another skill that needs to be mastered when playing cricket.

A mini-match was then set up using both of these exercises. Two teams competed – one concentrating on the ball technique, whilst the other on running with the bat. A run was scored for the first team to finish the exercise. The activities were then swapped over so that everyone had the chance to work with both a bat and a ball.

You can watch a short video featuring our multi-skills cricket work above.