Class 8BM Ancient Greek Research


Class 8BM have been demonstrating a fantastic historical understanding of the complex world of Ancient Greek Gods and Goddesses. The teaching staff have been introducing the characters of the various Gods to the pupils over the past few weeks.


A detailed PowerPoint presentation has helped the pupils with this learning. Each slide explains the background for each God or Goddess. The Class 8BM pupils have been taking it in turns to read out loud some information about each character. Questions are continually asked by the teaching staff about what we can see in the presentation to help reinforce the knowledge.


Different techniques have been used to help the class members differentiate between the main characters. We have looked at the environment where each God or Goddess lives to help explain their special powers. Examples include Poseidon living in the sea, and Hades living underneath the earth. Ancient Greek family connections have also been highlighted to show the connections between each character.


Once the Class 8BM members had a solid understanding of this subject, the pupils then took part in a short quiz. Each pupil was asked to come to the front of the class to answer a question about their favourite God.

Table work activity has also been completed for this topic. The pupils have produced a piece of comprehension, answering a set of questions about the Gods and Goddesses. You can listen to one of the Class 8BM pupils sharing his work in the short recording below.

Finally the Class 8BM pupils are all very excited about their end of term trip to the British Museum. This will be an opportunity to see at first hand some of the Ancient Greek artefacts and statues that we have been learning about in class.