Class 11 GCSE Art Video

Class 11 are making some great early progress as they prepare for their GCSE and GCSE Entry Level exams in art. The exams will take place in April with each pupils sitting a ten hour practical art assessment.


The main theme for this year is fitness and exercise. This can cover many different literal and imagined ideas. There is scope in the syllabus to consider still life sporting resources such as a football boot, or perhaps to produce a piece of artwork that is inspired by the idea of fitness.


To help start with this task we have asked Class 11 to create a fitness mind map. The students have come up with a comprehensive spider diagram that covers some random ideas as to what fitness and exercise means to them. We hope that this will then trigger some inspiration to produce a unique form of artwork to be submitted for their GCSE exam.


You can watch one pupil explaining a little more about her early thoughts in the short video above.