Red Class Reading and Phonics


The Red Class children at Turney School have spent the first few weeks of the new spring term being introduced to Sleeping Beauty, our new class reading book. We have many different learning expectations for the pupils. The teaching staff have put together a specific learning task to help each class member improve their knowledge and skills.

Some of the higher ability pupils have been working on using powerful adjectives to their written work. The teaching staff have also helped with the preparation of sentence openers for the story. The pupils have seen how the structure of a story can be set up by using phrases such as suddenly, as a result or quick as a flash.

Paragraphs from the Sleeping Beauty story have also been written by this group of pupils, as well as sequencing the main events in the story. Pictures of three different scenes from the story were presented. The task was to place these in the correct order.

Other groups of Red Class children have been learning to understand the Sleeping Beauty story by using various visual resources. One activity involved finishing a sentence by choosing the correct picture to complete it. A choice of two pictures was made available.

Key to this learning across all groups has been an understanding of phonics. The different sounds that we use to make words are the building blocks for our literacy learning at Turney School.