Turney School 2018 Ofsted Inspection: Outstanding

The school underwent an Ofsted inspection in May 2018. We are very proud to have achieved an Ofsted rating of ‘outstanding.’ You can read the full report from HM’s Inspector’s over here as a PDF file.

We offer a summary of the main points in the text below:

“Leaders and staff work seamlessly together to ensure that pupils access the very best provision. As a result, the school makes a considerable difference to the education and life chances of its pupils.”

Leaders are focused on making sure that teaching is of the very best quality and that pupils achieve highly.​

Teaching staff, therapists and health professionals provide a learning environment where pupils feel safe, secure and ready to learn. Pupils’ mental and physical well-being is promoted very effectively. Protecting the safety and welfare of pupils is a core function of the school’s work. Pupils’ behaviour is excellent.​”