Turney School Policies

We have a number of school policies that are specific to Turney School. All pupils and staff agree to uphold to these policies, if they wish to play a role in our school community.

We are happy to make these available to be downloaded below. Hard copies of these documents are available on request from the school office.

Accessibility Plan policy

ASDAN Access to Fair Assessment policy

ASDAN Internal Moderation policy

Asdan Malpractice policy

Anti-Bullying policy

Attendance policy

Behaviour policy

Behaviour Principles policy

Charging and Remissions policy

Complaints policy

Curriculum policy

Data Breach policy

Data Protection policy

Data Retention policy

EFYS policy

Equal Information and Objectives policy

Equal Opportunities policy

Exams policy

Extremism and Radicalisation policy

Freedom of Information policy

Freedom of Information Policy Publication Scheme

Health and Safety policy

Homework policy

Internal Appeals procedure

Online Safety policy

Intimate Care

Medical Needs policy

Medication policy

Positive handling policy

Privacy Notice policy

Guidance on Quiet Rooms policy

Safeguarding Policy

Sex and Relationship policy

Unreasonable Complaints policy

Whistleblowing policy