Turney School Year 7 Catch Grant

Turney pupils have an Autistic Spectrum Condition and associated learning needs. Most of our pupils are non-verbal and have significant speech, language and communication needs.

At Turney School we use the Year 7 Catch Up Grant to work in a multi-disciplinary approach with other professionals to support pupils individual needs.

This statement shows the objectives for 2017-18 and the student outcomes for 2016-17.

Year 7 Catch up Grant – £2,500

Overall Objective

To ensure all students successfully transition from Year 6 to Year 7 and continue to improve their:

  • Progress and levels of attainment
  • Communication strategies and skills
  • Access to the secondary curricuculum
  • We will achieve this through:

  • Ensuring a consistent approach to TEACCH across all secondary subjects – Inclusion Manager and HLTA £1,500
  • Training teacher and two HLTAs to become PECS implementors £1,000
  • Year 7 Catch Up Grant Outcomes for 2016-17 
    Year 7 English
    Expected pathway87.5%
    Aspirational pathway68.8%
    Exceptional pathway25%
    Year 7 Maths
    Expected pathway100%
    Aspirational pathway75%
    Exceptional pathway16.7%